My 15 year old daughter Orla got really sick around Oct 2009. She began having anxiety attacks on a daily basis. It got so bad that she couldn’t bear to be away from me for any length of time. She was filled with this fear that something terrible was going to happen.

At its worst she felt unable to shower without having me stand outside the door and wait for her. Her sleep pattern was so disturbed and I would often have to sit in the room with her until 2 or 3am when she would fall asleep. Eventually I ended up having to share my bed with her due to the irrational fear that had somehow got into her system.

It got to the point where she couldn’t bear to be in a shop even when I was with her. She would walk into the shop and immediately start to feel anxious and feel like she was going to faint. The anxiety got so bad that she was forced to leave school for the best part of 12 months. She completely lost touch with all of her friends as they would always be inviting her over but she was too terrified to be away from me for any period.

I saw Annette’s ad in the paper and took Orla along to see her. Orla attended Annette for 3 sessions initially and has been for one follow up session since and the change in all of our lives has been remarkable. Orla has never felt better. She is back in full time education attending all of her classes. Before having the treatments with Annette, Orla had applied to the school to see if she could sit her leaving cert exams at home under supervision as she didn’t feel she could cope with being back at school, now she is fully content with taking her exams with all of the other students.

She often takes the bus home from school now or gets a lift home with a friend, this would have been unheard of before treatment. Orla now manages to stay home alone when the need arises without getting herself in a state of panic. Anxiety was an issue that was discussed in our home morning, noon and night before we tried Kinesiology. Now it’s never mentioned. We are so delighted to have found a treatment that REALLY works.

The only problem now is that Orla is out and about most weekends and I hardly ever get to see her!!! I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from fear/anxiety or overall stress in the body. It’s really effective.

Carol Flynn, Swords, Co. Dublin

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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