I began my final year in secondary school last Sept and with the stress of the exams ahead of me I developed OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). On a daily basis I found myself overwhelmed with constant obsessive fears about being contaminated by germs or dirt and I felt that somehow I would cause others around me to become contaminated too.

The constant fearful thoughts led me to develop an elaborate cleaning ritual which meant I was cleaning my room and washing my hands numerous times per day. At best I would only get temporary relief once the cleaning was done but the obsessive thoughts always seemed to come back even stronger. This created such a strain in my relationships with family and close friends.

I was spending nearly all my free time cleaning instead of studying and that left me feeling frustrated and extremely anxious about failing my exams.

By the time the Christmas holidays arrived the condition had become so bad that my Mum decided it was time I see the Doctor. The Doctor put me on a course of anti anxiety medication and it was suggested I also begin a course of anti-depressants. At 17 that was the last route I wanted to take. I asked the Doctor if I could give the anti anxiety medication a try first and then make a decision about the anti-depressants.

I took the anti anxiety medication for almost 3 months and although it relieved the tightness in my chest and took the edge off a little I was still experiencing the obsessive thoughts and engaging in the compulsive behaviour although perhaps to a lesser degree.

I decided to do my own research on the subject and came across several websites listing different treatment options available. That’s when I came across Annette’s site and saw that OCD was listed as one of the top ten general health conditions she works with.

I went along for my first 3 sessions and also had a follow up session 6 weeks later and I’m delighted to say that all of the initial symptoms of OCD are gone. With the help of Kinesiology I was able to focus more on my studies and I managed to sit through my Leaving Cert exams without needing to take any medication. I’m also thinking a lot clearer since my sessions with Annette and my thoughts have become much more positive.

I’ve been able to enjoy the Summer Holidays after a very tough year and although the weather hasn’t been great I’ve been feeling more relaxed than ever. I’m really excited about getting my Leaving Cert results on the 15th and starting the next chapter in my life.

Thanks for everything Annette. x

J. Reynolds, Sligo


Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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