My four year old daughter was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy just after Christmas. I brought her to an ENT consultant who prescribed steroids and anti-viral medication for her. He told me that recovery could take up to a year. I was absolutely devastated as her face was very distorted and her beautiful smile was gone.

Her eye was also affected and she could not blink or close her eye. As a result I had to put ointment in her eye every night and tape her eye shut to prevent dust and dirt getting into it while she slept.

I also brought her for physiotherapy even though I was told that it was unclear if physio had any benefits, however I was willing to try anything. The first couple of months were so hard as there was absolutely no improvement whatsoever.

I spoke to Annette about it and she recommended surrogate kinesiology for her. This works whereby I act as a surrogate for my daughter and Annette works on me (as my daughter would not be able to lie still for the hour long sessions).

Annette recommended three sessions initially. The day after the third session I noticed a tiny blink in her affected eye and since then the difference has just been amazing. Every day I could see more and more improvement.

I completed four sessions for her and she now has about 95% recovery two weeks after completing the sessions. I cannot thank Annette enough. My beautiful daughter has her beautiful smile back. I have no doubt that her recovery is a result of the sessions with Annette, plus I found the sessions very relaxing also.

Maria Masterson, Granard, Co. Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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