For the last 3 years I’ve had problems sleeping and find that even when I do manage to get off to sleep I’m waking up frequently.
A good night’s sleep is so important to me as I just feel shattered when my sleep is disturbed like this especially with the daily demands of home and work life! I tried all the herbal remedies I could get my hands on but they didn’t seem to help.

My next line of action would ultimately have been a visit to my Doctor to get a prescription for sleeping tablets which I was hoping to avoid.

Luckily my wife heard about Annette and the work she does through a good friend. I’ve been for 2 sessions and I can’t believe the difference it’s made. I’m sleeping right through the night again and feel more energized than I have in years. What a Fantastic treatment!

Paul Connell, Birr, Co. Offaly

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I took our two teenage daughters to Annette about four months ago. They were emotionally distressed after the loss of their cousin who passed away six months previously following a short illness.

They took 3 sessions over a 3-week period. Both of the girls were very impressed with Annette’s calming and professional manner. There was a significant improvement from their first visit and they were able to deal with everyday life much better. I was extremely happy with the outcome.”

I would highly recommend Kinesiology to improve your personal well-being.

Paula Dempsey, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

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Annette Reilly

085 7858770

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I attended Annette for treatment as my blood pressure had been very high on several different occasions over the past month.  I was also suffering with muscular cramps and spasms on and off and felt quite frustrated as this was affecting my ability to perform well at work.

Annette explained how the symptoms I was experiencing can be caused by an overproduction of the hormone Aldosterone and she was able to use a balancing procedure that worked specifically to correct this imbalance.

Since my sessions with Annette I’m feeling in brilliant form. The cramps and spasms have gone and my blood pressure has stabilised.

Jenny Ward, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

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I’ve had Sciatica for the last year and a half and this was causing pain, a burning sensation,and tingling all the way from my lower back and upper buttock down the back of my thigh to the back of my right leg.

Sometimes the pain would radiate around my hip or buttock region and actually feel more like hip pain. I wasn’t getting any sleep at night as the pain would get so bad when I would lie down. Sometimes I would get relief by changing positions in the bed but more often than not I was watching the clock and praying for morning to come. I found walking long distances to be extremely painful if not impossible at times.

Since attending Annette for a course of 3 sessions I feel absolutely wonderful. The pain has gone completely. I’m getting a proper nights sleep every night and the increase in my energy levels has been amazing.

Very pleased with the treatment outcome.

Margaret Sorohan, Dunshaughlin, Co Meath

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On Thursday morning last I was given the HPV Vaccine in school and immediately following it I began to feel very weak. The nurses kept me in the room for several minutes before allowing me to return to class.

I went out at break time and had something small to eat. After break I had to go back to the office as I began to feel unwell again. The nurses said it was best if I went home early to rest. I arrived home at 11.30am and felt extremely tired. I went to bed at 7pm that evening and didn’t wake until 11am the following morning. I still felt extremely tired but otherwise I was ok.

Friday afternoon I was getting slight episodes of dizziness but they wouldn’t last very long. On Saturday my cousin came over to visit and while we were outside playing I began to get short dizzy spells again. I was also getting very bad chest pain but it would only last a short time and then go again.

We were up in my bedroom chatting around 8.45pm and I began to feel very weak, my breathing became very heavy and my hands and legs went numb and went almost black in colour.

My Dad immediately phoned Annette and asked if she could see me. Luckily Annette was home when he called. My Dad had to practically carry me through the door and put me up on the treatment couch as my legs had gotten so weak by the time we arrived.

Annette worked on me for 1.5 hours that night. Annette was able to defuse the stress in my system by working on the additives that had been used in the vaccine.

After the treatment I felt so much better. I was able to sit up and have a giggle. The dizziness was completely gone, my normal colour had returned and I was able to walk out the door myself! I had a fantastic sleep that night and I was bursting with energy in the days that followed.

Thanks a million Annette.

Chloe Madden, Aughnacliffe, Co. Longford

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Was hobbling…now sprinting!!

I’ve recently started playing 11-a-side football in an over-35’s league. We train for 90mins and play a match for 90mins.

Because of the weather over the past 2months the pitches are hard and with training and matches I’ve picked up the unwelcome “shin splints” for anyone who’s experienced this, they will tell you its very painful. To a point where its very uncomfortable to even walk.

Wednesday 2 weeks ago we played a match, with 5minutes remaining I had to come off the pitch with an unbearable shooting pain in my shins. I visited my GP on the Thursday and he recommend I take Ponstan and rest for 3weeks – “that should work” was his medical opinion.

Not happy with that I visited Annette Reilly on the Friday who practices Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, I explained my symptoms and Annette got me to relax, lie down on her treatment table and proceeded to ask many questions and work on the pressure points throughout my body.
The session lasted an hour, at the end Annette explained I’d made great progress and I could play an indoor match that was arranged for that evening.

I managed 50mins that evening, felt some discomfort and decided to take a rest. I had another session the following Friday, which lasted another hour.

We had a match the next day, I managed 90mins without any pain in my shins. Over the past few weeks because of the severe pain I was enduring I honestly believed I wouldn’t get to play this season. After 2 sessions with Annette I’m really looking forward to the next 9months of league football.

David White Owner/Administrator of

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I’d been having really bad headaches for almost 2 years and of late they’d been accompanied by feelings of nausea and dizziness. I attended my Doctor who sent me for an MRI Scan but the results came back clear.

I was then prescribed pain killers that were leaving me with a very upset stomach. By chance I came across Annette’s brochure in our local shop and decided to give this treatment a go. Am I glad I did!! The headaches and feelings of nausea and dizziness were completely gone within the first week. My stomach settled and I can happily say that I have not had any of those same symptoms since.

Very grateful to you Annette.

Catherine Mullins, Enfield, Co. Meath

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After years of abdominal pain and discomfort I was finally diagnosed with Diverticulitis.  I was having flares as often as every two months – severe pain, fever and nausea caused by infected diverticulitis.

These entailed weeks of antibiotics and other medications.  I was taking as many as eleven tablets per day to say nothing of the pain.  Antibiotic after antibiotic only stopped it temporarily.

A work colleague recommended Kinesiologist Annette Reilly to me. I went to see Annette and after my first session I actually felt relief.  I have been for 3 more sessions since and I have had absolutely no more flares or problems of any kind.  Annette has made a major difference in my life.  I owe my cure to Annette.

Rose McCormack, Longford

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Following the birth of my son I was diagnosed with post natal depression. I attended my GP when my son was six weeks old feeling stressed and anxious. I was feeling as though I was not thinking straight or logically. The smallest decisions I had to make were becoming difficult.

I attended Annette for three sessions of kinesiology over three weeks and found a great reduction in my levels of anxiety. The horrible feeling of not being totally present was gone and a more clear thinking pattern replaced it!

My body felt calmer and I felt more able for the challenges of motherhood. I also took on board Annette’s advice on maintaining a good diet, drinking lots of water and increasing my serotonin levels (happy hormone) by getting out walking more. I also replaced my many coffees in the day with chamomile teas!

On Annette’s advice I also listen to relaxation tapes which I find excellent. I felt the sessions were really beneficial and I am currently maintaining my exercise and healthy living regime. I also found Annette’s tips for a more holistic way of living to be of great help to my overall well being.

Clare Gill, Trim, Co. Meath

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