I was suffering with pain in my right hip for almost four years and in the last two years it got even more painful. I attended a Physiotherapist for several sessions but I was just not progressing at all. I had hip x-rays four January’s in a row but all they showed up was mild osteoarthritis. Mild was inconsistent with the severe pain I was experiencing.

Last year I ended up having a hip replacement but found I was still getting very bad pain and soreness in the hip area. I thought once I had the operation that everything would be alright again and that the initial pain would be gone but unfortunately that was not the case. I found I wasn’t progressing with any milestones even a few months after surgery.

I attended Annette for a few sessions of Kinesiology a few months later and have had huge improvement since. I still get soreness the odd time but nothing in comparison to the pain I had been experiencing. I can now do all the normal things like standing, walking or going out to the shops and my hip joint feels perfect.

Anne Corkery, Ardagh, Co. Longford


Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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