I had been suffering from stomach problems for about two years and tried everything but nothing worked for me until I read about Kinesiologist Annette Reilly.

I made an appointment with Annette but didn’t tell her what was wrong with me. After Annette working on me for a few minutes she was able to tell me.

Annette told me that I had a lot of grief in my system for over two years and that this was causing problems with my digestive system. I was amazed how she could tell me this and this made me feel confident that I had the right person and I was on the right road to recovery.

My son was killed in a very tragic accident just two years prior to my visit to Annette. After my first session I was feeling much better, Annette said it would take three sessions to get to the bottom of it and after the three sessions I didn’t know myself. I am a different person, this is almost a year later and I never looked back since. Thanks Annette.

Mary Conboy, Leitrim

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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