Was hobbling…now sprinting!!

I’ve recently started playing 11-a-side football in an over-35’s league. We train for 90mins and play a match for 90mins.

Because of the weather over the past 2months the pitches are hard and with training and matches I’ve picked up the unwelcome “shin splints” for anyone who’s experienced this, they will tell you its very painful. To a point where its very uncomfortable to even walk.

Wednesday 2 weeks ago we played a match, with 5minutes remaining I had to come off the pitch with an unbearable shooting pain in my shins. I visited my GP on the Thursday and he recommend I take Ponstan and rest for 3weeks – “that should work” was his medical opinion.

Not happy with that I visited Annette Reilly on the Friday who practices Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, I explained my symptoms and Annette got me to relax, lie down on her treatment table and proceeded to ask many questions and work on the pressure points throughout my body.
The session lasted an hour, at the end Annette explained I’d made great progress and I could play an indoor match that was arranged for that evening.

I managed 50mins that evening, felt some discomfort and decided to take a rest. I had another session the following Friday, which lasted another hour.

We had a match the next day, I managed 90mins without any pain in my shins. Over the past few weeks because of the severe pain I was enduring I honestly believed I wouldn’t get to play this season. After 2 sessions with Annette I’m really looking forward to the next 9months of league football.

David White Owner/Administrator of

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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