On Thursday morning last I was given the HPV Vaccine in school and immediately following it I began to feel very weak. The nurses kept me in the room for several minutes before allowing me to return to class.

I went out at break time and had something small to eat. After break I had to go back to the office as I began to feel unwell again. The nurses said it was best if I went home early to rest. I arrived home at 11.30am and felt extremely tired. I went to bed at 7pm that evening and didn’t wake until 11am the following morning. I still felt extremely tired but otherwise I was ok.

Friday afternoon I was getting slight episodes of dizziness but they wouldn’t last very long. On Saturday my cousin came over to visit and while we were outside playing I began to get short dizzy spells again. I was also getting very bad chest pain but it would only last a short time and then go again.

We were up in my bedroom chatting around 8.45pm and I began to feel very weak, my breathing became very heavy and my hands and legs went numb and went almost black in colour.

My Dad immediately phoned Annette and asked if she could see me. Luckily Annette was home when he called. My Dad had to practically carry me through the door and put me up on the treatment couch as my legs had gotten so weak by the time we arrived.

Annette worked on me for 1.5 hours that night. Annette was able to defuse the stress in my system by working on the additives that had been used in the vaccine.

After the treatment I felt so much better. I was able to sit up and have a giggle. The dizziness was completely gone, my normal colour had returned and I was able to walk out the door myself! I had a fantastic sleep that night and I was bursting with energy in the days that followed.

Thanks a million Annette.

Chloe Madden, Aughnacliffe, Co. Longford


Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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