Following the birth of my son I was diagnosed with post natal depression. I attended my GP when my son was six weeks old feeling stressed and anxious. I was feeling as though I was not thinking straight or logically. The smallest decisions I had to make were becoming difficult.

I attended Annette for three sessions of kinesiology over three weeks and found a great reduction in my levels of anxiety. The horrible feeling of not being totally present was gone and a more clear thinking pattern replaced it!

My body felt calmer and I felt more able for the challenges of motherhood. I also took on board Annette’s advice on maintaining a good diet, drinking lots of water and increasing my serotonin levels (happy hormone) by getting out walking more. I also replaced my many coffees in the day with chamomile teas!

On Annette’s advice I also listen to relaxation tapes which I find excellent. I felt the sessions were really beneficial and I am currently maintaining my exercise and healthy living regime. I also found Annette’s tips for a more holistic way of living to be of great help to my overall well being.

Clare Gill, Trim, Co. Meath

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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