For the past two months I’ve had Sinusitis and I’ve felt truly miserable. I’d been getting very sharp pain under both my eyes, at the side of my nose and forehead and I’d just been sneezing constantly which in turn was causing my eyes to water non stop.

I attended my G.P who gave me a prescription for an antihistamine but unfortunately that failed to solve the problem.

Feeling distraught I took a trip to my local health food store where I was hoping to find a more natural conclusion. That’s when I came across Annette’s leaflet. Sinusitis was listed there as one of the conditions Annette worked with so I booked in for some treatment and two weeks later my sinuses are clear. No pain, no sneezing and best of all no more watery eyes!! Thanks Annette.

Gerard Walsh, Rockwood, Co. Sligo

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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