About 2 months ago I accidentally came across a leaflet about kinesiology.  I suddenly became very interested because of the large number of topics it mentioned.  In particular the area that dealt with brain dysfunction and co-ordination.

My son Gavin was born last October.  When I was in labour my womb collapsed which caused Gavin to be deprived of oxygen and this caused slight brain damage.  The area of his brain that was damaged affects the muscle tone in his arms and legs, e.g. a stiffness in muscles and joints which would result in Gavin not being able to walk properly or to even hold a toy.

I decided to call Annette to see if she could help Gavin in any way.  I’m so glad I did make that call.  Annette told me that she would certainly be able to help Gavin.  That same day I called to Annette and agreed to act as surrogate for Gavin.  Annette had explained to me about how surrogate work can be done in the case of a small infant/child who would be too small to be tested accurately.  In this case by me agreeing to surrogate for Gavin, Annette did the work on my body but it was actually clearing the stress from Gavin’s system.

When I got home after the session with Annette, Gavin was asleep and he slept for 3 hours altogether.  This had never happened before.  When he woke up he was so happy and smiley and just so relaxed.  I instantly saw a difference in him. I was thrilled!!  I had to go back to Annette once a week for 3 weeks.  I looked forward to each session as I was eager to see how Gavin would progress.  To this day Gavin’s hands are much more flexible (whereas before his hands would be in a constant fist).  He is sucking his hands like mad now as he’s teething.  He’s holding onto toys and pulling my hair also!  I am so so delighted with the results and I’m so glad to have come across Kinesiology.  It’s amazing and it really works!  I’m looking forward to my next “top-up” session too as its sooooo relaxing.  Thanks Annette for everything. xx

Alice Mc Keon, Swanlinbar, Co. Cavan

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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